As an independent practice, we are lucky to have access to the very latest in lens technology from all the leading manufacturers such as Hoya, Essilor, and Zeiss.

We all have different visual requirements, for example, somebody who works outdoors requires a different pair of lenses to somebody who spends their day sitting at a PC.

Our expert dispensing staff are able to give you the advice required to ensure your lenses fit your lifestyle.

Below is a list of specialist lenses we can offer:

  • Driving lenses: Modern LED and Xenon produce huge amounts of energy that greatly reduces our ability to see at night. Our new driving lenses have the ability to filter out some of the light that causes the extreme dazzling sensation. 
  • Photochromic lenses: Also known as Transition, Reactolite or reaction lenses. These lenses go dark depending on the amount of UV and light that reaches them. We are now able to offer lenses that darken even when behind a car windscreen!
  • Varifocal lenses: These lenses allow you to see clearly at all distances. Varifocal technology has moved on a long way in the last few years. This has made them quicker to adapt to and offer far wider areas of vision!
  • Occupational or Indoor lenses: The way we use our eyes has changed. We are spending far more time using digital devices such as laptops, tablets or smartphones. This area of vision in single vision or varifocal lenses is rarely taken into consideration. These lenses allow us to maintain good posture when using VDUs (Laptops, tablets phones, etc) and offer far superior middle distance compared to a standard varifocal. 

The modern lens treatments we offer at Premier Eyecare give our patients clearer vision, reduced chance of your lenses scratching, repel oils and water and are also anti-static meaning your lenses remain clearer for longer.



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